Three Things You Did Not Know About Mice In Sierra Vista, AZ

house mouse on bread

Mice can infest your home and cause reckless destruction to it. Seeing them running along the wall in your house is bothersome. It is also humiliating if you have guests around because people will assume your house is always dirty, which is why it has attracted rodents. You will wonder how they entered your home and how to eliminate them. Luckily, you can always call Mule Mountain Pest Control for reliable pest control in Sierra Vista. We have provided our exceptional rodent exclusion services to the residents for years. We have gained a reputation for being efficient and affordable.

Mice Can Squeeze Through Very Small Holes  

A furry mouse can access your home through small openings near utility pipes, builder’s gaps, weep holes, foundation cracks, and damaged or broken vents. Research shows that an adult mouse can easily pass through an opening as small as a dime, and a younger mouse can fit through a hole the width of a pen. This feat is possible because mice don’t have collarbones, and they have tiny bodies beneath their furry coats. Unfortunately, if you take too long to notice their presence in your home, they will start breeding rapidly, and soon you will be dealing with a full-blown mouse infestation. 

A two-month-old female mouse can start breeding and birth about 60 tiny mice in one year. So, two mice can easily start an infestation. Besides eating your food, they will chew upholstery, clothes, and paperwork while looking for materials to build their nest. This habit can be very destructive and cost you money in repairs and replacement.

Mice Have Poor Eyesight

Another shocking fact about house mice is that they have poor eyesight. They are usually born blind and start opening their eyes at two weeks. Since they have such impaired vision, they bump into things around them. They are colorblind and cannot see the red color. They can only focus on items at a distance of two feet or less. Fortunately for them, their other senses are excellent. So they can touch, smell and hear exceptionally well. They can hear their predators approaching from far and take cover, and their whiskers help them detect objects around them. This way, they can avoid bumping into obstacles like doors and walls. They can see motion from a distance of about 45 feet. 

Mice Carry Lots Of Pathogens

Mice in Sierra Vista indeed harbor pathogens. They carry as many as 200 pathogens. They collect all these pathogens when foraging in dirty places such as trash cans. You can get various diseases through these pathogens by:

  • Taking food or water that mouse urine or droppings have contaminated
  • A mouse scratching or biting you
  • Touching or coming near infected mice
  • Breathing in or touching mice excrement and bodily fluids such as saliva and urine

Some of the diseases mice spread include tularemia, rickettsialpox, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCMV), and salmonella. A component present in their urine can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. This is why you must act swiftly when you notice a mouse infestation. 

Why You Should Consider Professional Rodent Control In Sierra Vista

Dealing with a mice infestation by yourself can be challenging. If you don’t act fast, the problem will worsen, and it will cost you more to repair your home and get rid of them. If you notice signs like shredded papers and fabric, scratch marks on furniture and walls, smear marks on the wall, sounds in your attic or wall, holes in your baseboards or walls, mouse droppings, or mice, it is time to call professionals. At Mule Mountain Pest Control, we have highly trained and experienced staff who will expeditiously help you get rid of mice in your home. We will come to your house, assess the problem, bait the rodent correctly, and prevent them from returning. So, there will be no more asking and researching how to get rid of mice. Call us today!