Douglas Property Owners Helpful Guide To Effective Scorpion Control

brown scorpion hanging out on a branch

What is it about arachnids that strikes pure fear in the hearts of so many? And out of them all, scorpions terrify people the most. Fortunately, Mule Mountain Pest Control is your ally that delivers the most effective pest control in Douglas to keep scorpions at bay. 

The Life Cycle Of Common Scorpions

Fertilized eggs within the body of a female scorpion can gestate from a few months to up to a year. Once the nymphs are born, they climb onto their mother's back, where they will remain until their first molt, which occurs around two weeks after birth. They then leave their mother's backside and scatter. A scorpion will molt five or six times until they mature into adults. They also have a lifespan significantly longer than other arachnids, at three to five years. However, some scorpions have lived as long as 10 to 15 years. 

Why You Don't Want Scorpions Crawling Around The Property

Scorpions may be beneficial out in nature, but it's a different story when they're crawling across your kitchen or bedroom floor. Regrettably, pests are persistent and will find a way to breach your home searching for food. Aside from their terrifying appearance, scorpions can sting you if they're disturbed or feel threatened. Most stings happen when these pests are accidentally touched or stepped on. Scorpion stings can result in severe symptoms if you are seriously allergic to their venom; below are some reasons you don't want to be stung by a scorpion. 

Their stings can:

  •  cause tingling and numbness
  •  cause blurred vision
  •  make breathing and swallowing difficult
  • trigger seizures

Although many scorpions don't pose serious harm to humans, some types of scorpions do, like the Arizona bark scorpion, whose venom can be extremely damaging and even lethal in rare cases. Contact a pest control service near you for more information about the different kinds of scorpions in Douglas.

Factors That Attract Scorpions To Your Property

If there's one thing most pests have in common, it's their voracious appetite and relentless hunt for food. Unfortunately, that is why your residence becomes a prime target for bugs. Creating an environment as inhospitable to pests as possible will significantly reduce their populations. Check out the following list of factors that attract scorpions to your property that you'll want to remedy:

  • Clutter, brush, and debris in your yard
  • Stagnant water in or around your home
  • Holes, cracks, crevices, and gaps around entry points
  • Insects in your yard that scorpions love to eat, like crickets
  • Rotting wood on your property

The bright, white light that mimics the sun draws scorpions, so consider changing your outdoor lights to yellow bulbs. Your local pest control company is a helpful resource that can inform you all about scorpions and their habits. 

Douglas's Secret Weapon To Total Scorpion Control

When the ultimate goal is to get rid of scorpions, it is always best to seek out the professional services of a reputable exterminating company. They can thoroughly inspect your home, examining areas that most residents wouldn't think to look. Your residence should be a haven where you and your family find comfort. 

At Mule Mountain Pest Control, we deliver safe yet powerful treatments that effectively eliminate different kinds of scorpions in your home. We have been Douglas's go-to scorpion control company for more than two decades, providing exceptional service and results to our residents. Let our experienced staff design a customized treatment plan to create a pest-free environment and restore your peace of mind. Reach out to us today and schedule an inspection.