How Do Bed Bug Infestations In Sierra Vista Start?

bed bugs on a bed

If you are currently dealing with bed bugs on your Sierra Vista property, you may be wondering – where do bed bugs come from? Understanding this and engaging in bed bug prevention tactics in addition to investing in professional bed bug control is the best way to deal with an infestation of these pests.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Many individuals assume that bed bugs can only appear in dirty homes, which is a common misconception. Bed bugs can happen to anyone, no matter how clean or cluttered your property may be. This pest is small, dark brown or red, and highly skilled at hiding out. They are typically found in sleeping quarters, hence their name, but can easily live anywhere around your Sierra Vista home or business.

What causes bed bugs is travel to and from infested areas, especially areas deemed bed bug "hot spots," such as hotels, public transportation, school, libraries, and train stations. These areas are widely regarded as hot spots thanks to the many people that pass through them, increasing the chances for bed bugs to be dropped off and picked up by unsuspecting individuals.

Because beg bugs hitchhike by hiding in clothes or luggage once you visit an infested area, there are some prevention tips that you can follow:

  • When staying in a hotel or other overnight accommodation, you should refrain from putting your luggage directly on the ground. Use an elevated surface or luggage rack to prevent bed bugs from easily climbing into your luggage.
  • Check all sheets, mattresses, furniture, and gaps or cracks in walls before staying in an area. You can use a flashlight or a gloved hand to check these areas. If you see signs of bed bugs hiding out or notice any rust-colored stains, you shouldn't stay there.
  • When traveling, vacuum seal your clothing into airtight bags to prevent bed bugs from climbing into your clothes and hiding out, even if they get into your luggage.

Another answer to what causes bed bugs is the purchase of infested secondhand items. If you have purchased either secondhand furniture or appliances, you should take a few precautions before moving these items into your home.

You should first place all furniture or appliances on a white sheet before bringing them inside your property. Leave the items outside for several hours or overnight; if you see bed bug bodies on the sheet in the morning or reddish-brown stains, then the items are infested.

Another way to check for bed bugs on secondhand items is to use gloved hands to check the seams of furniture or any gaps and cracks in appliances. If you find bed bug bodies or the glove comes back stained, you should not use the item.

Pest Control To Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are incredibly hard to prevent, thanks to their small size and impressive skill at hitchhiking from area to area. If you see signs of these pests in your home and wonder how to get rid of bed bugs, call Mule Mountain Pest Control professionals. Our experts can provide you with an in-depth inspection of your home and apply safe and effective bed bug control solutions that will completely remove any infestation you may be dealing with so that you can get back to living pest-free in your Sierra Vista property.