How To Prevent Spiders In Your Sierra Vista Home

spider hanging out on a white wall

Have you wondered why spiders are so common on residential properties? The answer is simple, prey pests! That's right; spiders are regularly an issue because other pests attract them. 

Here you can learn from Sierra Vista pest control experts about the behaviors of spiders and how to prevent them and prey pests.

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Spiders

Spiders will vary depending on the species; some build webs that have a wheel shape, others build funnel-shaped webs or messy and disorganized-looking webs, while others don't use webs and actively hunt for prey. But one thing spiders have in common is that they benefit the environment because they help regulate other insect populations.

The types of spiders we see in residential homes are not aggressive and don't look to attack or bite people for no reason. And while most spiders are too small or don't have strong enough fangs to break through the skin, they can bite if they feel threatened. But most aren't dangerous unless you are allergic to their venom.

All The Places Spiders Like To Hide In Your Home

Most of the spiders you will experience in your home prefer to keep their distance from people, so they build their webs and hide in lightly trafficked places. Some of the most common places where you will find spider webs include underneath furniture, window frames, and corners of rooms where the ceiling meets the walls.

As previously mentioned, spiders are predators, so they will also be in areas of your home where prey pests are present. Often, prey pests are attracted to areas with high moisture and food sources such as basements, garages, attics, and kitchens.

Five Easy Yet Effective Spider Prevention Tips

Preventing spiders on any property often focuses on eliminating the factors that attract prey pests. A readily available food source is often the reason why spiders become a problem in the first place. If you want to prevent spiders in your home, you can rely on these five tips to do the trick:

  1.  Inspect the exterior of your home for cracks in the foundation, uncovered vents, missing screens and weather stripping, and other gaps where critters can squeeze through to get inside. 
  2.  Keep your home clean of food debris, store food in airtight containers, and use garbage cans with tight-fitting lids to eliminate food sources that attract prey pests.
  3. Reduce moisture in your home by repairing leaking pipes and faucets, addressing ventilation issues, and using dehumidifiers where necessary.
  4. Reduce the moisture in your yard by keeping gutters clear of debris, removing leaf litter, and trimming foliage.
  5. Remove harborage and hiding places by keeping your home free of clutter and organized.

If you need assistance preventing and controlling different spiders and prey pests, look to local pest control professionals for the necessary services and treatments.

Pro Pest Control Is The Best Way To Keep The Spiders Out

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Our residential pest control is the best way to get rid of spiders and includes web knockdown, which helps deter spiders from making themselves home around your property. 

Using environmentally-friendly products and methods, we aim to help keep your home pest and spider-free while keeping your family and environment safe. Give us a call at Mule Mountain Pest Control to learn more about how you can benefit from our pest management programs and effectively keep common spiders away!